iNOVARE Platform

iNovare is a B2B Platform used by our partners, members and suppliers alike, to improve the workflow and communication between them.


Group members can consult the products and services available, with related prices and discounts, issue Purchase Orders, view invoices, confirm their consolidated payments, keep a Purchasing history, obtain details about the Group's suppliers, find out the status of their Purchase Orders, etc.

Group suppliers can make available their goods and services, receive consolidated Purchase Orders from the Group, invoice the Group and its members (consolidated invoices)

An effective
Management Tool

iNovare is a suite of programs for: stock management, purchasing and replenishment, designed to avoid the stock ruptures, optimize inventory levels, facilitating both the inventory replenishment and the purchase of capital goods.
iNovare’s ultimate objective is the ease of interaction between members and suppliers in procurement process and the elimination of non value-added activities.

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Cost reduction

The Procurement Partnership Program, iNOVARE, offers products and services at a considerable discount.

Performing suppliers

All the platform's suppliers are: identified, evaluated, selected, validated, monitored and contracted.

Procurement process optimization

By the reduced number of Purchase Orders, invoices and payments, the automation of inventory management, and optimized deliveries, the procurement process is done with less effort, in less time and with reduced costs.